Tuesday, 6 February 2018

New Forest - South

After a mid week lunch break at Acres Down I was keen to return to the forest along with Mike and we decided to give it a full day on the southern half of the forest. A quick stop provided some Hawfinches, which were settled feeding on the ground with the first of the early morning sun rays beaming through the gaps in the foliage but the birds became skittish as more people began, walking, jogging and cycling through the area and so it was time to move on. Over the course of the day a few species were added up with plenty of Marsh & Coal Tits, Gos, Common Buzzard, Raven and a new Badger set being discovered on the last leg of rather large circuit we covered - as always good to see and catch up with Mike.

The forest still looks nice but it's not May, May, in my view is when the forest comes alive, all greened up, full of bird song and ceratin raptors performing their butterly like-display flights above in a blue sky with the warmth of the summers sun rays comforting down from above, this is when and only when summer on forest officially starts for me.

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