Friday, 16 February 2018

Stilt Sandpiper-Fisherman's Bank-Stanpit.


The day started off early morning on Forest at a view point looking for Goshawk of which some small display-interaction was observed and nice to see. The dry and bright morning was cold as the wind was strong and getting stronger throughout which was more than forecast and when a flurry of snow came through I decided to call it time out for sitting still and to warm up and move on.

I had been meaning to visit Stanpit Marsh again to try another look for the Stilt Sandpiper which now seems to have settled in at the creek viewable from the Fisherman's bank side. So I decided to give it a go and I arrived on site and headed down to where a nice bench provided some comfort and easy viewing across the area of inter-tidal creek. 

Above shows the creek, with the Stanpit Marsh visitor center in the background beyond the reeds, the loaction from which I saw the Stilt Sandpiper my previous visit. Below video shows you what the Stilt Sandpiper viewing conditions were like today from the Fishermans Bank

Even though there was a cold wind the conditions had improved and it was quite nice sitting in the sun watching the Stilt Sandpiper & other waders within the creek. A rather smart Bar-tailed Godwit was much appreciated and the first of the year but no sign of the Spotshank. After a cuppa and conversation with some nice people from both London and Winchester I decided to head back to have a look at another site on Forest.

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