Thursday, 29 March 2018

Return to Krabi Estuary = 12 Nordmann's Greenshank

This was to be my final visit this trip to the mudflats of Krabi Estuary on the 07th March 2018 with both Deow and myself counting at least 12 Nordmann's Greenshank roosting one of the fishing platforms.

This is a collection of video-recordings taken at Krabi Estuary on the 03rd, 04th & 07th March 2018. The first video shows a single Nordmann's Greenshank foraging on the mudflats at low tide on the morning of the 07th March, the next video shows a single Nordmann's along with 4 Common Greenshank and a single Grey Plover taken on the 07th March, the following video shows 3 Nordmann's Greenshank, (including a bird drinking) on the last remaining sand-bar pre hight tide in a mixed flock . The final video recording shows a single Nordmann's Greenshank in amongst a group of Bar tailed Godwits with Great Knot on the last remaining patch of sand just prior to high tide which allowed some close views as we used the boat as a hide behind us obscuring our outline, this video recording was taken with ourselves up to our waists in the water along with tripods and cameras the 07th March 2018. This was by far the best & closest views I have had to date of Nordmann's Greenshank which allowed for this video recording - proving that Krabi Esturay is the by far one of the best site location's for pro-longed, up close and personal viewing of Nordmann's Greenshank in Thailand / Asia.

Watch for yourself on what a gentile & beautiful Shorebird this species really is. 

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