Monday, 26 March 2018

Sri Phang Nga - Krabi + 2 Tattlers & a Spotted Wood Owl.

Black and Yellow Broadbill - Sri Phang Nga - March 2018
Sri Phang Nga, for me, was all about one thing, one bird, one objective, to see and photograph Banded Pitta.

I really liked this National Park and the accomodation so would have liked to have had more time to explore and relax at this location. I do intend to return and spend a few more days lazily birding this national Park as it really is one of those quiet "get away from it all places". I say quiet but White Handed Gibbons were very vocal during the early hours and luckily we managed to see one in the middle of the afternoon. 

Noteworthy Species included: Great & Wreathed Hornbill's, Black & Yellow Broadbill, A Blyth's Frogmouth on the nest with a chick visible was a nice and welcomed treat, Yellow Browed Warbler, Siberian Blue Robin, Chinese Blue Flycatcher and a single Oriental Honey Buzzard thermalling, viewed from the restaraunt of the national park early afternoon, being the only raptor encountered at this location.

Blyth's Frogmouth with chick- Sri Phang Nga - March 2018

Siberian Blue Robin, imm male - just outside the park boundary - Sri Phang Nga - March 2018

Chinese Blue Flycatcher - just outside the park boundary - Sri Phang Nga - March 2018

Sadly it was time to move on as this leg of the trip was now over, the target species well and truly utb and a successful trip indeed, Krabi was the next destination, however it wasn't going to be a direct journey as Sam had information of a Crab Plover and 2 Grey tailed Tattlers at Laem Pakaranng coral Sand Spit. 

This was to be my first Thai twitch and so we headed off and arrived on site where we walked around to view the roosting waders on this sand-spit in the image above and below. There was plenty of waders present including the 2 Grey tailed Tattlers, which was a new species of wader in Thailand for me but we were aginst the clock critically due to connecting with flights. With no sign of the Crab Plover we continued south to Krabi but again another diversion and this time for a Spotted Wood Owl.

 Laem Pakaranng coral sand spit. 

I can only begin to imagine what our non-english speaking driver was thinking as we continued to re-direct him from his route to Krabi . We arrived at Thai Mueang health garden, a small park on the edge of the town just accross the road from the beach. At first we struggled to locate the exact tree let alone the Owl, however local's who were hanging out in the park started involving themslves in the search by looking up in to the tree's as they obviously see birders here reguarly and so shortly after the target species was soon visible through the viewfinder. 

This is a nice bird and only my third, I actually thought i'd only seen one other at KNC but Andy A advised me of a night when I was banging on his door at 02:00 in the morning, (returning back from the Blue Moon beach-bar) after finding one of these sitting out in the gardens of the bungalows where we were staying on Koh Lanta.

Spotted Wood Owl seen and photographed - job complete, then a quick stop for a celebratory ice creams and back on the road arriving at Krabi airport in time for Sam to check in and get his return flight back to Bangkok. We looked back and agreed it had been a successful trip from our plan, said our good-byes and as Sam walked in to the airport I returned back to the Pitta guest house where I started getting kit ready for the following morning's sojourn out on to the mudflats of Krabi Estuary in pursuit of some more Nordmann's Greenshank action.

Spotted Wood Owl - Thai Mueang Health Garden - March 2018 

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