Saturday, 7 April 2018

Birding in the eye of the Buddha - Oriental Pratincole

After lunch, just outside of Ban Pak Thale we headed off back to Khok Kham but whilst on route i recognised a large seated Buddha statue and remembered that this was very near to a site we previously visited some years back in 2011 where we had a colony of Oriental Pratincoles. I was keen to revisit this location and give it another go and so I asked Tii if we could do a quick detour. 

We pulled up and walked along the edge of the agricultural fields and located a small group of Oriental Pratincoles, this time they were more obliging and allowing for some photos whilst they they landed on the ground after carrying out their aerobatic flights . Pratincoles are always a favourite of mine and so I enjoyed seeing these birds,  just sitting there in the warmth of the sun watching them. 

A pair of Red Wattled Lapwings were also present on one of the nearby field which was nice to actually see as we had heard them during the night at Sri Phang Nga but never saw them.  

So this brings to a close this short trip to Thailand. An enjoyable and successful trip, with some great weather, food, scenery and birds.

Birding in the eye of the Buddha. Thailand is a great birding destination what ever your tastes & targets but if you are after a relaxed "Wadering" trip with great weather, great food and nice people - it has it all.   

The image below shows Tii and Poh, who I have remained in contact with since my first visit to Khok Kham in 2002. Tii is always great fun and company to be with and Poh always makes me feels welcome when I stay at Khok Kham. 

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