Saturday, 28 April 2018

On Forest 26/04/2018

It was one of those days where it started and felt like it had potential but as the weather turned so did that positive feeling. A wander beneath canopy just after first light provided some nice Firecrest action but with no Wood Warblers on this territory yet, Crossbill's were plentiful and hearing my first Cuckoo of the year was nice.

Several hours and sites later a Hobby on one of last years territories was nice to know that at least one of the pair has returned safely. Common Buzzards displayed in between the intervals of showers as well as singing Woodlarks & Redstarts  with Gos present in the usual haunts. The wind was quite strong at times and the rain was driving hard and fast frequently with little else worth mentioning I decided to call time mid afternoon. 

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