Thursday, 3 May 2018

White Stork - On Forest - 29/04/2018.

White Stork - Ashurst, New Forest - April 2018

Sunday was planned to be one of those lazy days and it was just that until I was awoken by the phone ringing at 09.30, I looked at the caller ID and when I saw it was Mike D I knew I had to take the call. I was met with "have you read my email" I replied "No", I was then met with "White Stork on Forest", there went the rest of the lay in. Kettle on and I made the other half a cuppa and then we got ready. I was out on Forest Thursday when the White Stork was present off Forest at Lower Test but I just couldn't muster up the energy for it, however this was a game changer "On Forest" I had to give it a go.

Arrival on site I was met with "it just flew off to the other field", I had a wander and a look but no sign so called it time to grab some breakfast in the village of Minstead. The other half needed to pop in to Dorset so we did that and then I wanted to recce another area on forest quickly before returning back to the area of Woodlands for another go for the Stork, another wander, another no show, I headed back to the original site where there wasn't any body present bar Neil from Brock, we had a wander and just by luck the White Stork flew over, low but failed to land, oh well at least it was secured, however I wanted to try and get a shot. I decided to check a couple of fields out but again no joy. I decided to give one last field a go whilst driving out and again another no show, however I decided to check the next field and there it was as per the photos above and below. Job done and time enough to get back but a cold and grey day with just the White Stork proving any colour. So there it was, the first Forest twitch in a while and resulting in a Dutch ringed White Stork. 

Big thanks to Mike D for the alert, also to Simon K who helped with updates throughout the day, to Neil who gave the shout for the fly over and Vincent VDS for following up the ring details.

White Stork - Ashurst, New Forest - April 2018

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