Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Wood Warblers - On Forest - 28/04/2018

 Wood Warbler - New Forest - April 2018
Another day on Forest started at a site for Wood Warbler but again no luck and so on to another site and this time luck, as we heard that all distinctive song of a Wood Warbler as we walked along the track. At least two birds present and after closer inspection both were unrigned birds. 

At this and other locations throughout the day we managed to see and or hear Firecrest (pretty much knee deep with this species on forest these days) Gos, Kes, Coal and Marsh Tits, Tree Pipit and Woodlarks, a couple of Cuckoo's, Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Crossbill, Siskin, Curlew and Raven were some of the notable species. 

Watching Wood Warblers singing is a highlight of the year for me on Forest and I so enjoy hearing them as I am approaching a site location for this species, watching their whole body tremble as they go in to full song is a sight I never tire of. Great birds and always a pleasure, Redstart was non existent today and it seems to be a slow spring for some species on Forest at the moment.  

Wood Warbler - New Forest - April 2018

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